The Hospital

help-153094_640Death walks these halls. Most don't realize it, but it resides here. Not like in a horror movie. No death here is something that seems removed except for those so gravely ill. Death is not something one automatically thinks about when they enter these brightly lit halls. When you enter with all the windows and futuristic designed atrium you might think you've been transported to a peaceful world. This couldn't be more far removed from the truth. In one wing of this place there is joy. The same place where many will make their arrival into this world for others though this is a place where they will say their last good-bye. So this place holds great joy and great sorrow and so many feelings in-between. Caicos reigns in saving a life and so many other things. Yet for some this is a place they thrive they come daily by choice as it is their job or life's work.

As an outsider walking these halls the only fearful thought that hangs in my head is the fear that there will be great sadness at the end of this visit.

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