Weekend Oracle January 12 - 14, 2018


This Weekend you might want to ask yourself Why? Sure we ask ourselves what we want? What do we want to do? However, do we ever ask Why we might want to do something? Why we act a certain way? This weekend I would say ask yourself, WHY? ...

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Weekend Oracle for November 8 - 10, 2017


This Weekend it might be a good idea to not stress and relax. Try and relax if you can. The message is pretty clear that you have to take care of you. Things will still be there waiting but self-care is a must. 


Weekend Oracle 5/19- 21/2017

When we add Breathe into the mix, well it is only natural for us to start to wonder if we deserve the good things that we have in our life. Are we worthy? When this occurs we need to take a step back and breathe, regroup and recenter. 

Come to the Edge, hmm, what exactly could that mean. Most of us like to be as far away from the risky edge as possible but this is telling us that we

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Weekend Oracle May 12-14, 2017

Well, this weekend it appears to be pretty straight forward in the cards. It's all about Creativity and Manifesting. 

First, we have Imagine. When we Imagine we Create. We Manifest. So, this weekend spend a little time doing just that. Manifest your world. Begin to see the life you want to have. You might not ge

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The Weekend Oracle Spread 3/17-19/17

I decided to offer something a little different in the way of readings. When I normally do a Thirty-minute reading I usually included this quick little down and dirty oracle spread.  This spread usually will allow for clarity on a path. It gives us the questions we might need to ask as well as the tools to help us move forward.  For this spread I use three different decks

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