New Moon Reading for July 23, 2017

Here is the New Reading for July 23, 2017, with the New Moon being in Leo. We will have two New Moon's in Leo. Seeking more Astrology info head over to

Weekly Tarot for May 28, -June 3, 2017

First up we have the lovely Nine of Swords - This is a card that definitely speaks of you being up in your head. There are times when worry and fear can lead our head to become a toxic waste dump of the negative. All it can take for some is an unexplained glance or an off-kilter comment for one's mind to ego into overdrive.

If you find yourself in this position this week where you feel that the world is against you or at least one or two people then I recommend taking a step back. Clear your head and then reframe. The fact is that nothing may be going on at all. They could have been talking

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Ace of Pentacles

Usually, when an Ace appears in the Tarot, it usually denotes that a new beginning is at hand, awesome right?

So for some their first thought might be money is going to be rolling in or maybe they feel that those lottery numbers are going to come in finally. It would be wonderful if the Ace could be taken at face value and you’d be rolling in the money big time.

However, if we stop and really think about a new beginning, in this case, it could mean quite a few things. Sure it could mean you have new money coming in but if we look past the surface it could simply be about your relationship with money.  Think about your relationship with the coin

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