Full Moon Tarot and Oracle Reading for May 29, 2018

Don't let your mind play fear games during this cycle. You have to have faith that you will succeed.

Don't let your mind play fear games during this cycle. You have to have faith that you will succeed.

Full Moon March 31, 2018

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The Full Moon in Libra is March 31, 2018. The Full Moon is speaking to the need for balance. While things may feel out of control you still need to take a few minutes to sit back and regroup. You may be digging into the past and your emotions and that's okay. Just don't let it get you so messed up that you lose sight of all of the potential your future has.

Take those lessons you've learned from the past pack them up and move on. You can't live in the present or see the potential of a brighter future if you're stuck in the past. The World is there waiting for you to take it but you must be patient and take the time to create what you truly want to manifest. Don't rush. Think hard and see where you truly want to go.

If we look at the tools of the Oracle cards, first is the High Priestess of Spirit. By going within and listening to your spirit you will see what you want to manifest and create for your future. 

The next is Fragment, this speaks to us about taking the fragments of our lives and using what we need and releasing the rest. Kind of like defragging a computer back in the day.

See the Differences in others and embrace. This is a time for you to learn not only about yourself but others as well. This plays well with the next card which is Beauty. See the beauty where there may not be any. See the Beauty in what you might normally not see it.

Lastly, look for Loyalty and ask yourself who is loyal to you and who are you loyal too. Are you too loyal to ideals that are no longer worthy of you? 

Best Advice during this time period Meet your shadow self, learn from them and help heal them as well as yourself. It is time to let go of the pain and past hurts. Clear the sadness and refocus. By getting ready and cleaning, spring cleaning some might say, you are making way for the new things to come. 


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Full Moon Reading for July 9, 2017

Hi Gang, I did another video as I'm still working on a couple of things. So this is just a quick note about the Astrology of the Moon.  Astrology King has stated that this Full Moon has the potential to make people act a little out of control and the cards are supporting this. Click here to check out the Astrology.

I hope you enjoy the video. You guys are getting a sneak peek before I share it with everyone else Thursday.  Thanks as always for your support. 


Full Moon Tarot May 10, 2017

I messed around with a few decks to see what information needed to be provided for the Full Moon and well this was the one I chose. The Legend, The Arthurian Tarot Deck offers us a dark view than most decks. While it may look dark, change can feel that way sometimes, especially when we have to look truthfully at our lives.

Based on a quick peek at the cards this Full Moon appears to be a doozy.  Keep in mind though a quick peek doesn't give us the details. The Full Moon is at 20 degrees Scorpio at 4:43 pm Central time. For more details on the Astrology click on the link and head over to The Astrology King Site. 

Let's get to the cards.

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