Black Cats Tarot - A new Deck Review

I looked at this deck several times. Thought about getting it but I just wasn't sure. On the verge of purchased and then changed my mind. Read the reviews and still wasn't sure. However, something finally said you need this deck. Need, might be a strong word but you get the idea. 

So there waiting in my mailbox today was my deck. When I unwrap a deck from its cellophane seal there is that moment of giddiness. Is the deck going to be a good one or a bad one? None are ever really bad it is more about me just not feeling anything in them when I try to read. 

Back to the moment at hand. I cracked the seal opened the box cracked the second seal and held them in my hand for the first time. The image of a black cat wearing a white top hat smoking a pipe and sitting in a meditative pose above a sunflower and a glowing book greeted me. There was also a hummingbird and a very bright sunny background though we don't actually see the sun. When I saw this image my doubts were put aside. This wasn't a card for the deck, though it is similar to the magician, but it still called to me. 

The back of the cards features two black tiara wearing kitties with a brocade design around them. Flipping the deck over I was greeted by a White Cat who is walking a path in the moonlight oblivious to the shadow that lurks.  The Moon appears to have the face of a sleeping kitty and there is a little Black cat at the rear foot of the White Cat Fool. I love the fork in the road that has stars and nothingness in between. You can clearly see that there is a journey ahead for our White Kitty friend.

So maybe a little too much detail about the first card but it just spoke to me. I flipped through the cards and loved the deck with each card. However, I handed the deck to my hubby and while he thought the images were cool he couldn't tell which was which. This comes to my point that if you are just starting to read this may not be the deck for you. Without knowing what each roman numeral stands for you might become lost. You could refer to the book that is always an option. For the seasoned reader, this isn't an issue. 

The cardstock was nice, not too bulky and not too light. It was easy to shuffle and no problem with sticking as I have had with some decks in the past. I was also able to get right into using them tonight for a reading, so I'm very pleased. 

This is my first deck review and I have to say if you love Black Cats this is a great deck for you. If you're a seasoned reader it will be easy to pick up and read. For the beginner, I wouldn't recommend it unless you are reading it intuitively. 

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I hope you find this helpful.


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