Internal Reality vs External Reality and Tarot

I have a client that I've read for a few years. Recently, they brought something to my attention that I find very interesting. They stated that the people who have come up in their reading were not something of this real world but more of their thoughts, hopes, and fears.

This is something that I've often wondered about when I got my first few readings. Can a reader pick up subconscious thoughts? Afer all our thoughts and words have power so if we believed in something so strongly could we not bring it to pass in a reading? After all, in a Celtic Cross, there is a position for hopes and fears.  When I do a reading I don't have this position in my spread. It is more about what the client needs to know. So this really doesn't give me the answer I'm seeking. 

However, if I look further at the fact that my client was seeking confirmation for the same questions over and over in their life, I'm am taken to something I was told early on. If you repeatedly ask the same question over and over the cards will then decided to play with you. They will tell you what you want to hear. That works if they were asking me a question, however, they weren't. 

If I step back further though and look at the client's situation and what the readings were saying, it shows that their internal reality was becoming their external reality on some level. Even though it wasn't physically present it had become a present idea in the mind. The reading was breaking down to internal versus external which is really an interesting concept. It just doesn't offer me the answer I'm seeking. 

Maybe the answer lies that when I sit down to do a reading even though I'm present there is part of me that has stepped into the other party's energy.  Being an empath and stepping into others energy can be an interesting trip at times and one that can be quite draining.

I know this for a fact, about six years ago now a client decided to have a house party and hired me to do readings fro her and her friends. It was a great night the readings were fun and everything went smoothly. The hostess decided she was going to be the last of the evening. She was an older lady and seemed to be in good health. It was ten when I started reading her that night. I was still full of energy when she first sat down but shortly became drained. As I read her cards she became upset because they were talking about her grown kids and not the new relationship in her life. She didn't care about her kids, she wanted to know about the guy. As I said in the prior paragraph the cards tell you what they think you need to know. I told her that maybe it was because it was late and I was tired so I offered to come back and do another for her. She was okay with that. I packed up my stuff and got in my car. As soon as I was in the car I was reenergized. I didn't think much of it.  A few months later I found out she came down with pneumonia a week later and was hospitalized and passed. When I found this out things clicked about the energy drain and the reason her kids came up. 

So, I guess the answer lies in the fact that I step into the other person's energy and for that matter their reality, whatever it might be. I guess that's my answer. If you have any ideas don't hesitate to leave a comment. 

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