How to Pick a Deck

How to Pick a Deck

There have been many of times when I've been asked questions about what I do. I usually get I would love to learn to read Tarot but I’m not sure where to begin. Most people will say start with the Rider-Waite deck. You can learn the story of the Fool’s journey and go from there. For many that’s fine. For my journey that wasn’t the case.

The first deck I had was my Mother’s Rider-Waite.  I looked through the book and tried to glean something from it but honestly, I never connected.  Partially I guess it was my fault that I didn’t grab the nearest paperback on Tarot and dive in. No, I just wasn’t feeling it.

Then a friend of mine wanted to do readings as well, after all, we liked to make a trek to Jackson Square and get a reading every now and then. So she picked up the book called Tarot Made Easy by Nancy Garen. This book was awesome as it broke everything down into different categories.  While holding this book in hand my readings were right on the money. The book, however, great it was, became a crutch.  If I looked at the cards without it, I felt uncertain and wasn’t listening. I couldn’t feel or see what the cards were trying to say. I had other readers telling me I was highly intuitive yet I got nothing unless I held that book or at least that is what I told myself.

So fast forward to taking many classes to tap into different ways of plugging into my intuition. After taking many of intuition classes my teacher decided to create and advanced intuition class. I loved this but the problem was that it was only offered a few times as I was the only student. This was awesome, I mean a one on one class with someone who had been reading for years. Who wouldn't want that?

 My teacher, was my reader before I ever took a class and she was always spot on. More importantly though was that I always loved Debi’s cards. Something about the images of old Hollywood called to me.  So one night before one of these, one on one classes I purchased the Cosmic Tarot and when Debi and I sat down she asked what I wanted to learn. I told her I had always loved her cards and wanted to really learn how to read cards.  So that night we did. Her advice changed my life as a reader and I have stuck with it since.

“See the Book that comes with the cards get rid of it.” When she said it she tossed the book away.

It wasn’t until then that  I truly was able to actually look at the cards and connect. All the tools and pieces I had learned in the prior months allowed me to easily connect with my intuition. I gave her a reading that night and she verified what I said the following week as I told her to be careful of a white vehicle on the way home.

Now you are most likely saying you haven’t answered the questions posed. Here is your answer, find a deck that you connect with. This isn’t as easy as it seems. I have at least thirty decks but only about seven are ever used. Sure I love the art and I thought they were going to vibe with me and maybe at a later date they will.  Sometimes, my tried and true Cosmic doesn’t feel right. So if you buy a deck that you think is going to be the end all be all and it isn’t well then put it aside or sell it. Maybe instead of starting out with Tarot pick and Oracle deck, the key is to feel the connection and get out of your own way.

Good Luck with picking that deck. If you have any questions drop me a line.