Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles

Usually, when an Ace appears in the Tarot, it usually denotes that a new beginning is at hand, awesome right?

So for some their first thought might be money is going to be rolling in or maybe they feel that those lottery numbers are going to come in finally. It would be wonderful if the Ace could be taken at face value and you’d be rolling in the money big time.

However, if we stop and really think about a new beginning, in this case, it could mean quite a few things. Sure it could mean you have new money coming in but if we look past the surface it could simply be about your relationship with money.  Think about your relationship with the coin. Is it a good one or is it one that it is tenuous at best.

When that new beginning is offered, it could simply be that you are starting to view money differently. You can see that it isn’t everything or for some, it is just that. This could be that you finally paid off a bill that has been causing you to be strapped for cash and now you have a little more freedom. Whatever it is the card is telling you to look at how you view it.

Now, when I look at the Cosmic Tarot’s Ace, one thing that is highlighted is the fact that there is a strong foundation that it is resting on.  If you have built your financial future on a strong foundation then you can see it grow and mature. This can be said of many things in our lives. If we build our life, relationships or Career on a strong foundation we can achieve success.

While the Ace can be many types of a new beginning think of what the potential for that new beginning can be. Is this a tangible new beginning or is it just about the relationship.


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